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Berean Christian Junior Academy has been providing a Christ-Centered education for over 114 years. Our passion as well as our mission is to partner with parents and the Atlanta Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church to build a foundation for life.  

  • Each day begins with classroom worship with our students.

  • With each academic lesson, our teachers extract object lessons, making connections to God’s Word and character.

  • Teachers attend our students’ baptisms and church programs when they are participating.

  • BCJA teachers lovingly counsel and pray with parents on behalf of their children.  Our teachers and staff know that Parents hold the Master Keys and teachers hold the spare keys.  We know that God holds the answers.

  • The students and faculty are engaged in community activities. These may include: making cards for shut-ins, children at Saint Jude’s Hospital and the elderly; singing in nursing homes, collecting clothing for the homeless and warm clothing for the homeless, adopting families at Christmas to provide for their needs, singing for the Black clergy of Atlanta, creating a Thank You video for Frontline COVID-19 workers, adopting pen pals with needy children in Louisiana. There are many more outreach activities within the school, city and world communities that allow the BCJA students to be God’s ambassadors for good.

  • Each week, the faculty prays for specific students and their families.

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