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  • Old and New Testament themes: God’s creation and Jesus, God’s Son

  • Weekly scripture memory

  • Integration of Biblical worldview in all subjects


Language Arts

  • Phonemic awareness: Recognition of sounds and rhymes

  • Orton-Gillingham phonics instruction and spelling of phonetic and non-phonetic words

  • Reading fluency, including 100 sight words; read sentences

  • Reading comprehension: Recognize sequence, make predictions, identify main idea and characters

  • Listening and speaking: Follow directions; share experiences

  • Writing:  Letters, numbers, recognize punctuation and capitalization



  • Numbers and operations: Number sequence to 100, skip counting, introduction to addition and subtraction

  • Measurement: Time, money, customary measurement

  • Geometry:  Plane and solid figures

  • Graphs:  Bar graphs and pictographs

  • Estimation

  • Algebraic reasoning: Patterns

  • Problem solving strategies


Social Studies

  • Civics:  Families and structure

  • Economics:  Community services

  • Geography:  Maps and globes

  • History:  culture, holidays, and historical figures



  • Life science:  Plants, animals, personal health

  • Earth science: Land and water, weather

  • Physical science:  Movement, matter, light



  • Literature appreciation, story elements, and self-selected reading


Technology: One class per week

  • Introduction to keyboard, computer graphics, and coding


Physical Education:  Two classes per week

  • Movement, fitness, group games   


Music:  Two classes per week

  • Vocal music, listening, rhythm and movement    


Foreign Language:  One class per week

  • Survey of conversational Spanish and Spanish culture

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