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  • Old and New Testament themes:  Choices of Biblical figures, Jesus and the early church

  • Weekly Scripture memory

  • Integration of Biblical worldview in all subjects


Language Arts

  • Listening and speaking, including oral presentation

  • Orton-Gillingham phonics instruction and spelling of phonetic and non-phonetic words:

  • Vocabulary, including Latin root words and derivatives

  • Reading fluency and comprehension of fiction and nonfiction selections 

  • Literary elements, including story structure and figurative language

  • Writing: Paragraph development; forms including reflections, narratives, poems, letters, reports, essays, stories

  • Grammar, including sentence structure, parts of speech, and conventions

  • Reference skills:  Location, selection, and organization of information



  • Numbers and operations, including mastery of multiplication and division facts; regrouping

  • Fractions and decimals

  • Measurement: Time, money, length, weight, temperature, capacity, area, and perimeter; metrics

  • Graphs and data interpretation

  • Geometry: Plane and solid figures; angles; congruence, symmetry

  • Estimation: Rounding; estimation of products, quotients, sums, differences

  • Algebraic reasoning: Analysis and extension of patterns; equality; unknowns; commutative property of addition and multiplication

  • Problem solving strategies


Social Studies

  • Civics: Federal, state, and local government

  • Economics:  Goods, property, pricing, ownership

  • Geography:  50 states; Physical features of the United States

  • History:  Roots of democracy; Ancient Greece


Science:  Three science lab classes per week

  • Life science:  Life processes, plant functions, structure and function of organs, body systems; dissection

  • Earth science: Rocks and minerals, renewable resources, weather measurement, movement and phases of planets, sun, moon

  • Physical science: Machines, properties of matter, physical and chemical change, heat and light 


Technology:  One class per week

  • Intermediate functions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point; computer programming

  • Research: location, selection, and evaluation of information; plagiarism


Foreign Language:  One class per week

  • Survey of conversational Spanish and Spanish culture


Physical Education: Two classes per week

  • Personal fitness, team games, positions, and rules; weekly mile run, sportsmanship


Art: One class per week

  • Elements of visual arts, media techniques and processes, awareness of art in history and culture


Music:  Two classes per week

  • Exploration of rhythm, melody, harmony, pitch, music theory, and music appreciation   

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