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  • Old and New Testament themes:  God’s covenant with Abraham’s Family; Jesus, God’s Son

  • Weekly Scripture memory

  • Integration of Biblical worldview in all subjects


Language Arts

  • Phonemic awareness:  Consonant and vowel sounds, digraphs, blends, and rhyme patterns

  • Reading fluency, including 250 sight words

  • Orton-Gillingham phonics instruction and spelling of phonetic and non-phonetic words:

  • Reading comprehension:  Identify main idea, cause and effect, sequence; make predictions

  • Vocabulary: Homophones, synonyms, antonyms; learn new vocabulary in context

  • Listening and speaking: Listen to a variety of genres; present information orally  

  • Spelling: Phonetic and non-phonetic words

  • Writing and grammar:  Rules for capitalization and punctuation; basic parts of speech; journals, poetry, and short narrative and expository writings


Library Skills 

  • Story elements and appreciation of literature

  • Locating and organizing information



  • Numbers and operations:  Numeration, ordinal numbers; addition and subtraction, including mastery of addition facts to 20; place value, simple fractions

  • Measurement: Time, money, customary measurement

  • Graphs and data interpretation

  • Geometry:  Plane and solid figures; sides and corners

  • Estimation, including benchmarks and rounding

  • Algebraic reasoning: patterns, concept of equality; commutative property of addition

  • Problem solving strategies 


Social Studies

  • Civics:  Communities; rules and laws

  • Economics: Producers and consumers

  • Geography: Map skills

  • History: National symbols; Pledge of Allegiance; Culture & holidays, Historic figures


Science:  One science lab class per week

  • Life science: Plant growth and function, animal kingdoms and survival, health and nutrition

  • Earth science: Earth’s resources, weather changes, seasons

  • Physical science: Magnets, sound, properties of gas, liquid, solid


Technology: One class per week

  • Website navigation, computer graphics, introduction to coding and keyboarding


Physical Education:  Two classes per week

  • Personal fitness, group games, rules and techniques, sportsmanship


Music:  Two classes per week

  • Vocal music, listening, rhythm and movement, music appreciation   


Art:   One class per week

  • Elements of visual art, media techniques, critical response


Foreign Language:  One class per week

  • Survey of conversational Spanish and Spanish culture

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